How can I manage my team’s permissions?

Maintaining an organization comes with many challenges, one of those being growing your staff size or changing team member’s roles. There are a million different reasons why you might need to change the permissions of a user, and we have made it very simple to manage your organization’s members permissions
To view your team’s permissions, permission groups and teams, follow these simple steps
-       Open the right-side panel by clicking the menu button
-       Go to Team settings
-       Under the Team tab, you can view your organization’s users, their permission level and the options to edit their permission group.
-       Under the Permissions tab, you can view which permission groups are available, create new ones, and manage access to these groups. Please note that you cannot modify the Owner permission group to prevent losing access to the Organization.
Your organization comes with some default groups that fit most team’s cases: Owner, Administrator, Editor and Viewer.
An Owner has complete access to the Organization
An Administrator has access to the Organization’s settings but cannot modify other Administrator’s access
An editor has access to all the Organization’s tools but not the settings
A viewer can only view the Organization’s assets but cannot create, edit or remove any.
If these permission groups do not fit your needs, you can always create a custom group and select the fine grained permissions you need.