What is an ISWC code?

International Standard Musical Work Code (ISWC) is a unique identifier for musical works, similar to ISBN for books. It is adopted as international standard ISO 15707. The ISO subcommittee with responsibility for the standard is TC 46/SC 9.
To register an ISWC, the following minimal information must be supplied:
-       Title
-       Names of all composers, arrangers and authors, with their role in the piece (identified by role code) and their CAE/IPI number
-       Work classification code (CIS)
-       Identification of other works it is a derivative of 

An ISWC identifies works, not recordings. ISRC can be used to identify recordings. Nor does it identify individual publications (e.g. issues of a recording on physical media, sheet music, broadcast at a particular frequency/modulation/time/location...)
Its primary purpose is in collecting society administration, and to clearly identify works in legal contracts. It would also be useful in library cataloguing.
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