How can I add a rightsholder to a recording?

Keeping track of who you work with and what percentage of a specific recording they own can result in a lot of frustration, countless sheets and can lead to tensions even if communication is clear on both sides. Releese streamlines the process of sharing data, assigning rights and gaining an in-depth insight to rightsholder on recordings.

Simply add the email of the rightsholder you want to grant rights to on a recording, you can pick between master rights (recording) and publishing rights (composition) or both depending on how you work and who you work with. A rightsholder can be a songwriter, an artist, a producer, a record label, a publisher, an A&R, a manager or anyone that owns a percentage of a song.

Once everyone is satisfied with their share, they can individually lock their share and credits, preventing others from changing how much of the song they own. You can also set an external organization with a 0% share to grant them view only access to a recording without giving them any rights.

These percentages determine how we collect royalties on your behalf on Rights Cloud and Distribution Cloud, so please use this feature truthfully.

Please note that this part of the application does not replace a legal agreement and Releese will not settle any disputes amongst rightsholders.