Do I share my data with Releese?

Tracking your audience is a complex task technologically and legally. Luckily, Releese abstracts and streamlines the entire process with Marketing Cloud. You can track your fan’s Country, City, Browser, Device, the link they click, the page they viewed and the moment each action takes place. Presave actions will also collect your fan’s name, age and email if they agree to the Releese terms and conditions and privacy policy.
Please note that residents of Countries that have legislated GDPR, CPA and other similar laws will be asked for their consent before being tracked, which might lead to certain actions not being saved in our databases.
Releese stores all data in its central databases, including landing page actions and analytics. We cannot directly access your dashboard and a very limited number of releese employees can access the databases for limited purposes such as: Optimizing the releese user experience, tracking errors, understanding how fans interact with landing pages and securing our servers.
To view the complete privacy agreement users enter by using Releese, please visit the privacy policy page.