What views can I use?

The Calendar Cloud comes out of the box with 4 different views to fit your project’s unique needs: List, Board, Calendar and Dashboard.
The list view is meant to show the most granular data possible at first glance, displaying nearly all information related to a specific task, groups into task groups. This is the default view for all task boards.
The board view is a Kanban style board which shows the most basic information about tasks and is meant to be used for an overview of your projects. You can drag tasks around from one group to another and view basic data in real time.
The Calendar view is a month-to-month page that displays all your tasks according to their due dates, this is meant to be used for long term projects that require a timeline. This is the best view to see when things need to be done in order.
The Dashboard view is an analytics page that displays data on what needs to be done, by who and when. This view will help you keep track of tasks that are past due and need to be completed as soon as possible.