What is a task?

A task is an individual row (or line item) in a group. Your boards are made up of groups of items. The content of an item is entirely unique will depend on what the board's utility is — they can represent anything from a list of projects to weekly tasks, clients, locations or anything else depending on your workflow.
Tasks contain multiple data fields to help keep things consistent, simple and easy to read. They are made of a Title, Assignee, Start date, Start time, Due date, Due time, Status, Priority, Board, Tags, Description and Updates.
A title is the most visible descriptor of a task, it should represent clearly what the task is without going too much into detail.
An assignee is the person assigned to complete the task, the person assigned will receive notifications for updates and changes to the tasks and is considered the person responsible for completing the task.
The start date is the moment at which the task is expected to start, this is entirely arbitrary and can mean many things depending if the task is an event, work in progress or project.
The start time is an optional field that represents the beginning of an event.
The due date and time is the moment at which a task is expected to be completed. If a task is not marked as “Done” before this date, it will be considered past due in your Dashboard.
The status of a task is the stage at which it is, it can be Not started, in Progress, Done or Not approved. These statuses are meant to be flexible and fit a wide variety of projects.
The priority is an optional field that is meant to represent the importance of a task. It can have different levels and colors to represent how urgent a task is.
The description is a longer descriptor meant to explain into detail what a task is from start to finish, it can also contain notes, ideas or progress.
A task update is a task-specific conversation that is meant to log discussions, progress or questions and keep them organized under a single roof. When an update is posted in a tasks, the assignee will be notified.