Does Releese sell my personal information?

Privacy is at the heart of our platform and our company’s culture. As much as we love big data and understand the benefits of data collection, we do not believe that being an omniscient eye over our users is a good thing.

We do not sell any personally identifiable information to any third party whatsoever. As of today, we do not sell any data to any third party at all.

All personally identifiable information such as billing, account, payout and rightsholder data is encrypted and transported over TSL 1.2 SSL traffic, making it nearly impossible to intercept and decrypt.

All data stored by Releese is stored in Canada, which has some of the strictest rules on privacy in the entire world. Our data is stored on Google Cloud servers, and Google does not have access to any data on the platform. (Thanks, Google!)

You can always reach out to privacy@releese.io if you are unsure of what data we collect, how we store it and if it is kept safe. We are extremely proud of our forward-thinking infrastructure and are happy to share with you how everything works.