Can I turn off my notifications?

Working in real-time with collaborators and your own team can prove to be a challenge when not using the right tools but can also become heavy and take a toll on mental health when you are constantly receiving communications, updates and requests.

When you sign up for Releese, all notifications are automatically enabled for in app notifications and email notifications. You will receive a communication on both mediums for

-       Collaboration invitations
-       Task updates
-       Task assignments
-       Billing updates
-       Account updates
-       Product updates
-       New team member arrival
-       New message
-       New general notifications

Luckily, these settings can be tuned and fine grained at all account tiers. Simply head to your settings in the right-hand panel, under notifications and adjust in app and email notifications separately. You can also pause notifications entirely if you feel like it in one click.

If you own an organization and one of your teammates has disabled his notifications, please be mindful of their mental health as they might have a reason for doing so.

Happy building!