Can I login with a social account?

Having a social media account as login key to an account provides many advantages, such as security, convenience, and a quick access to your data, which is why we offer the possibility to login with a Google account, a Facebook account or an Apple account.

To link a social account to an existing account, simply login with one of these 3 providers on our Login page using an account that shares your email address and we will automatically link your provider to your account. Please note that if you hide your email with the Sign in with Apple feature, we will not be able to automatically link your account.

We do not receive any personal information from your social media accounts when you use them to login to Releese, we only receive your email address and your email verification status, to make sure no one with a malicious intent has created an account with your email to steal your account.

We highly recommend that you setup 2FA even if you use a social media login provider to ensure your account is as secure as it can be.