Can I add 2 factor authentication to my account?

We know how important it is to protect your account. With cybercriminals attempting to fish information, funds and possibly resell your data to unwanted third parties, it is our top priority to give our users the highest level of protection possible.

With Releese, you can easily set up a second factor to authenticate, you must first make sure that you have access to a cellphone with a valid phone number, and that you have verified your email address.

1.     Log into your Releese Account
2.     Open the right-side menu, and go to your Account Settings
3.     Under the security tab, verify your email address if you have not done so already
4.     Click on the “Enroll second factor” button, and follow the onscreen instructions, you might be prompted to log out and log back in if your session has been active for longer than 15 minutes.
5.     Once you have followed the onscreen instructions, you will now be required to complete a 2FA challenge with your phone upon every login, even if you use a social provider such as Facebook, Google or Apple.

We will continue to improve our cyber security and provide tools to keep your data safe, if you have not already enrolled a second factor, we recommend that you do so immediately, at it greatly improves your account’s security.

Having problems with your second factor? No problem! Just reach out to our support and we will assist you to recover your account. You might be asked to pass an identity check if your account is verified.