What is available in the trial?

Releese is a purpose driven company, and we want to make sure we can have a broad impact on the music community with our platform. In addition to offering a free forever plan, we offer a 14-day trial which grants access to nearly the entirety of the platform.

During the trial you are automatically set on the Enterprise subscription and can invite team members, create unlimited projects, and have 250Gb of storage per seat.

Once your trial ends, you must keep the enterprise subscription to keep all your benefits or pick a plan that fits your needs. If you distributed music during the trial period, we will not take down your releases for a duration of 12 months, to ensure you have the time to migrate to another distribution platform. You can take down your content at any time.

The only feature which is locked during the trial is Rights Cloud, due to the sensitive nature of identity verification and royalties’ collection, all users who want to sign up for Rights Cloud must have a payment method on their account before they can setup their content for collection.

Using Rights Cloud also voids your right to withdrawal.